The end of the road

Pavones is one of the most unique towns in the entire country of Costa Rica. You’ll drive to the most beautiful part of the country. you will drive through jungles,you will cross rivers and you will see breathtaking natural beauty and little towns with happy, and wonderful people, who live with nature and love it.  reaching this little surf town,you will feel the vibe.. Surfers from around the world have been coming to Pavones for the long wave..a friendly left that runs endlessly. mix of cultures languages and surfboards.

Pavones is the 3rd longest left wave in the world, but The longest warm water left wave..


So pack your gear, stuff your board bag with you favorite fish long board and a step up, and head on down to Pavones, Costa Rice. here  you will be close to nature, eat good lose weight, improve your surfing and physical shape.

surf house pavones is located right in the heart of town.

you can see the wave from all the public areas and from some of the rooms.